Stand-alone module 

News feed 

Get instant access to the latest discussed topics in your company and keep track of the conversations you follow. 

Start discussions 

Create direct discussions with other employees, and create private discussion groups.

Subscribe to channels

Create open groups called Channels to follow discussions on specific topics. Start getting involved in projects by subscribing to existing channels or create new channels.

Star favorites

Star messages with important content to easily find them back in the Starred list.

Private Groups

Create secret groups and invite the users.

Manage participants 

Invite participants in private groups and restrict access to channels to a selected group of employee. 

Chat window 

Turn a conversation into a chat session to keep chatting while switching modules. 

Email notifications

Setup conversations to get notifications for the conversations you want.


Mention Odoo users (@odoo_username) in the conversation to raise their attention.


Enliven your conversations with emoji.


Modules chatter

Include messages, internal notes, add followers and channels straight from any of the apps and keep track of them in the Discuss module.