Business Process Automation

ADSOFT is an enterprise-level, fully-serviced system for small businesses that deal with inventory and/or manufacturing and want advanced e-commerce capabilities, data consolidation and security, and process automation. A lightweight cloud architecture makes it easy to scale up or down, expert setup and training ensure that you’re getting ROI from day one, and a devoted U.S. based support team are there when you need them.

Scale as you grow

ADSOFT's cloud architecture is ideal for growing businesses. No on-site hardware or software to maintain.

Functionality on demand

Start with the full business automation suite, or just the parts you need right now. Enable new apps with just a click.

Real-time, reliable data

A single source of truth for all your business data. Accounting, sales, inventory and more at your fingertips — on any device.

Odoo ERP Solution

Delivers complete integrated ERP business solutions that you can customize to fulfill your business requirements at a pace and budget that meet your ever-changing needs. We builds comprehensive, high performance systems that result in superior value for your business ROI and competitive advantage.

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