Odoo Certification Test (English)


Kuis ini terdiri dari 38 contoh pertanyaan ujian yang akan ditanyaan pada saat Anda mengukuti ujian sertifikasi OpenERP. Di bagian akhir, Anda akan melihat nilai melihat kembali jawaban anda berikut jawaban yang benar.

Here is a sales pipeline analysis from the menu "Opportunities Analysis". Which of the following statements is true in regards to the sales pipeline analysis below?

Assume the customer "Danone" is linked to the "Retailers Pricelist". If you create a quotation for "Danone" and change the pricelist to "Public Pricelist" on the quotation before setting the product lines, what will be the price proposed by Odoo for this quotation?

Once a year, the supplier "Asus" sends us an updated catalog with new prices for his products. What's the best way to record this information?

If the forecasted quantity of a stockable product is less than the quantity on hand, it means that:

If I manage a product using the "average price" valuation method. Suppose I have 8 pieces of this product on hand with a cost price of 100 EUR / piece. If I sell and deliver two pieces at 10 EUR / piece, what will be my cost price after having delivered to the customer?

I'd like to create electronic quotations that are sent by email to customers. The customer should be able to sign the quotation online, negotiate and select its options. How can I activate this feature?

On the opportunities pipeline, what does the date in red mean on an opportunity card?

What happens to the delivery order if you do a partial delivery?

As a sales manager, how can you automatically be notified when an opportunity assigned to your sales team is lost or won?

If I want to display suggested alternatives on my online shop for my iPad Mini product, where can I set those settings in order to display other iPads I sell?

If I want to recommend accessories to customers in the shopping cart (cross-selling) based on purchased items. How can I do this?

How can I remove some products from my online shop? I still want to have these products accessible for my salespeople when they sell over the phone.

From the Point of Sale touchscreen interface, can I register a payment partially in cash and partially with a credit card?

Is it possible to have multiple orders in progress within the same point of sale session?

How can you select the products that are available from the touchscreen point of sale interface?

In a multi-company environment, can you have different sequence numbers for purchase orders according to the company they belong to?

If your company has different warehouses. How can you specify on a request for quotation that you want to be delivered at a specific warehouse?

How can I create a personal dashboard item if I want to see all the POs of 2014 that were created last month?

The default pricelist at installation for purchase orders is based on the cost price of the product form.

Where can we configure the number of employees to recruit per job position?

How should I configure my product if I want to be able to select it in my expenses?

When invoicing a timesheet activity, OpenERP will take the product specified on the related employee by default, but it is also possible to use another product on the invoice.

As a sales manager, you want to set targets for your sales people like 30 phone calls per week, 4 customer meetings per month, etc. What application will you use to set these goals?

You're an IT company and want to use Odoo's Project Management to deal with your support tickets. How would you send a ticket to a higher team level if you cannot solve it?

Is it possible to define new stages for tasks from the task's kanban view?

Is it possible to define different stages for tasks and issues within the same project?

When I register a new invoice received from the supplier "Home Depot", I would like to set the default tax of the product to "6%" instead of "21%". How can I configure the system to have Odoo automatically select this default tax of 6% when I create a new invoice for this supplier?

I want to specify that the resources "John Smith" and "Dan Wilson" on my project "Odoo Implementation" have different prices, how can I manage this if I also want my resource "John Smith" to have a diffferent pricing between "Virtual Machine Customization" and "Odoo Implementation" project?

How can I configure Odoo if I want to define that my client Asus must pay in 30 Net days while other clients have a 15 Net days condition?

When you refund an invoice through the button "Ask refund", what is Odoo's behavior when you select "Cancel: Create refund and reconcile"?

What does this pricing rule do?

What would be the price of an item sold with this price list if the public price was 10EUR?

Which concept do we have to use if we want to define a quality control step when receiving goods ?

When entering a sales order line, I got this error because:

If you confirm a sale order with a "Make to Order" product that has a Kit/Phantom bill of material defined, what will happen?

Where can I specify that a manufacturing operation is outsourced to get relevant stock moves?

According to the following evolution of the quantity on hand over the time, which statement is true?

Which of the following statements is true?

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