Business Blueprint

Company 1: Do you want to structure the company into one or more separate legal entities?

Company 2: Do you have foreign companies?

Company 3: Which companies are going to work with which chart of account?

Company 4: In which currencies are the transactions posted in the companies?

Company 5: Are all companies managed in FI company codes, and is FI integration used?

Company Code 1: Which legal entities (company codes) will you have and in which countries?

Company Code 2: What are the legal reporting requirements that these companies have to comply with?

Company Code 3: Which companies are required to use a statutory chart of accounts for reporting purposes?

Company Code 4: Do all companies use the same operating chart of accounts?

Company Code 5: For which enterprise entities that are not independent legal entities do you require sub ledgers (accounts payable ledger, accounts receivable ledger, asset accounting and so on)? For example, fixed assets per strategic business unit.

Business Area 1: For which enterprise entities do you wish to create individual internal balance sheets and/or profit and loss statements or other internal reports? Please provide details of your reporting requirements.

Business Area 2: Are there entities within your enterprise that are not independent legal entities, but that you treat as independent legal entities?

Business Area 3: Does the organization have to produce segmented financial statements for public reporting?

Functional Area 1: Do you need to structure the profit and loss statement according to functional areas (cost of sales accounting) such as production, sales, marketing?

Functional Area 2: Which functional areas do you use for your rendering of accounts?

Functional Area 3: How do you determine functional areas? For example, do you derive them from the cost centers?